Community Arts Resource Store CiC (C.A.R.S.)

Calling all you artists out there in the Dudley Borough, you now have your very own “Scrapstore”. 

The Community Arts Resource Store has been set up for Dudley Borough arts and crafts people. 

Unit 6 Cradley Enterprise Centre 2, Maypole Fields, Cradley, B63 2QB 

We’re on facebook and Twitter so you can follow our exploits. 




We’re hoping to provide a membership service to schools, children’s centres, colleges, churches and other community groups. Membership is available to everyone including community groups, schools, artists and individuals.

Terms, conditions, tariffs and membership fees apply. 

As a relatively new scrapstore we look forward to welcoming new members and donations of resources. You are welcome to come and visit us to have a look around before deciding whether you would like to sign up for membership. Call in if you are passing by, if you let us know you’re coming we may even put the kettle on! 

Unit 6 Cradley Enterprise Centre 2, Maypole Fields, Cradley, B63 2QB 

We want to encourage adults, children and young people to think about the materials they use in their arts and crafts,by using an array of products that would have ended up as landfill and use them to design and create exciting craft projects. 

Within the store will be a small craft shop which is open to the public and members receive a discount on shop items. 

Some of the comments we’ve had so far: 

Materials we’re happy to receive, so you’ll be able to buy: 

New Products: 
-packaging storage containers
-art materials, stationery
-books, especially arts & craft related 

-Film pots/canisters (plastic)
- Plastic pots
-Sweet jars (plastic not glass)
- Tape/cassette cases -
- CD boxes ? Plastic buckets 
- Wooden Crates
- Cardboard drums
- Plastic drums
- Plastic containers
- Sweet / biscuit tins
- Display & Point of Sale Boxes  
- Bulk Food tubs with lids 

- Masonry paint
- Emulsion
- Primer
- Undercoat 
- Varnish 
- Wood Preserver

- White paper – matt
- White paper – glossy
- Coloured and black paper
- Fluorescent paper
- Gold and silver paper/card
- Brown parcel paper
- Billboard posters
- Coloured shredded paper
- Fax rolls/Till rolls
- Cardboard files/folders
- Tissue + tracing paper
- Wax + greaseproof paper
- Corrugated paper (rolls)  
- Sticky labels
- Rolls of sticky paper
- Paper bags 

- White card
- Coloured card
- Corrugated cardboard
- Cardboard shapes
- Black card
- Mounting card
- Large Cardboard Tubes
- Commercial Thread Cones 

Paper stationery: 
- Envelopes 
- Cardboard tubes; all shapes and sizes 

General stationery – anything!: 
- Pencils + Pens
- Rubbers + paper clips
- Rubber bands 

- Acetate – rolls / trim
- Aerosol lids (unused bulk batches)
- Yoghurt Pots (unused bulk batches) 

Main Contact: Wendy Fryatt

Telephone: 07929 924 513


Web Site:

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